Exercise two: the triangle of matter, Part 5/7

When we perform the second exercise of the gymnastics, we say in our mind,
‘May all my cells be magnetized, vivified and resuscitated, for the glory of our heavenly Father.’

This exercise involves moving our hands up from our feet to just above our head. By doing this, we are directing our energies to the top of our head so as to awaken our most spiritual faculties. Symbolically, this summit within us represents God. The life we receive has its source in God, and we must send it back to him so that it will find its original purity once more.

It rarely occurs to anyone to find ways for the currents of life passing through them to rise again to the divine Source. God gave them this life, but they spend their time wasting it in activities that are so much less important than the life itself! Since they are alive, they think that anything is allowed. And when, after exhausting themselves satisfying their desires and ambitions, they are one day forced to take stock, they realize they have lost almost everything and gained very little. What sense is there in acting that way?

We can compare the human being to a skyscraper: each floor of this building is occupied by inhabitants that have to be fed energy. The last floor is the brain. But what is there left for the brain’s inhabitants, if all the water, the vital fluid, is used to feed only those living on the lower floors – the instincts, passions and selfish desires?

The poor ones at the top are numb, paralysed; they can no longer produce anything. To be able to evolve, we have to learn to direct our energies to the higher regions. Then these energies will awaken faculties in the brain cells that no one even suspects exist.

We receive our life from God, but we can only fully benefit from his riches if we learn to return it to the Source. And when I say the Source, God, I mean the summit of our being. It requires great know-how to direct energies upwards to feed the brain cells. And the two areas where this knowledge is most necessary are nutrition and sexuality.

When initiates give instructions concerning control of the sexual force, it is not their purpose to bully people by depriving them of pleasures they obviously have a right to experience. When they teach that sexual energies can be sublimated, it is because they know there are other possibilities besides allowing these energies to be expressed below.

When men and women understand these energies and treat them properly, they can use them to awaken higher faculties. These enable them to carry out spiritual work of the greatest importance, and that is where they will experience true joy.

The yogis in India have revealed a great deal about this, and I have spoken to you about the kundalini force, the chakras and tantric practices. But I will repeat what I have already told you: it is dangerous for westerners to throw themselves into these practices, unless they have first made great efforts to practise purification and self-control. I myself have given you methods that will offend no one.

Love can be compared to a tree, where the roots represent sexuality. These roots are deeply buried in human beings; they cannot uproot them, and they must not try to, as they are indispensable, just as roots are indispensable to the tree.

But the way they must explore love is by seeking always to go further and higher than the roots, up into the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the flowers and the fruit. And the work of disciples is to learn to control and make use of the underground forces they draw up through their roots, so that, at the summit of their being, they will produce flowers and fruit.

As you perform this second gymnastic exercise, think that it is your task to protect, purify and sanctify the life God has given you, and you do this by continually directing it upwards. It is this illumined, enlightened, intense life that will be of greatest benefit to you and all those around you.

To be continued…

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Bringing Symbols to Life – The Gymnastic Exercises
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