Sexual energy of human beings is a divine force

In the past, a great many religious people thought that sexual energy was a diabolical force which had to be thwarted at all costs. And what was the result? Well, the result was that they had no more life or vigour in them, their springs dried up and they could no longer be moved by enthusiasm or joy. They imagined that that was the way to become saints. But that is not sanctity. Generations and generations of believers followed that path and what good has it ever done?

Obviously, there have always been a few, here and there amongst all those mystics, who had genuine gifts and exceptional intelligence and willpower which enabled them to surmount that terrible aridity. But even they never really fulfilled themselves because they did not know that the sexual energy of human beings was a divine force given for their happiness and fulfilment and not, as they imagined, for their downfall.

Sexual energy is a very powerful force and it must be tapped in moderate amounts: it is a raw sap which has to be processed and transformed in the cells of the body and then diffused by the spirit throughout the whole organism, in the form of vitality on the physical plane, love and joy in the heart, light and wisdom in the brain.

The power of sexual energy is tremendous, and the wise know how to control and channel it. They don’t let it torment them or force them into tragic situations. They don’t let it roar through their inner towns and villages like a tidal wave, destroying all in its path: they build dams, water-mills, factories and irrigation canals, and then they can enjoy the harvest produced by all that power so wisely distributed.

The more one resorts to reason in dealing with sexual energy, the more one amasses spiritual treasure. When sexual energy is mastered and under control it is exactly like the strong-flowing waters of a mighty river which have been channelled into dikes and ditches to irrigate the whole land, just as the Egyptians used the waters of the Nile to irrigate and bring prosperity to their country. The more human beings make use of wisdom in drawing on their sexual energies, the closer they come to the Kingdom of God and the clearer their understanding of the meaning and of the beauty of life.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor book 221, True Alchemy or the Quest for Perfection
Chapter 13, The sublimation of sexual energy

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