Sexual energy is a gift from God

‘Sexual energy is a great gift, the source of our life force and supports the continuation of humanity. It can be likened to combustible fuel which if used wisely and directed towards a spiritual ideal propels us to a higher form of love which brings lasting joy, inspiration and fulfilling relationships.

“The sexual force is a gift from God, it is we who must learn how to use it. Countries which have great deposits of coal or oil under their soil have become immensely rich because they make use of their resources.

Those who do not know how to use them, burn them. In the same way, the sexual force is an energy which we must learn to use so that we can turn on the lights, light the fires and set all the engines within us in motion.”

Repressing sexual energy has undesirable consequences
Whether one chooses to be single or in a relationship, sublimation of the sexual force is a work which reaps immeasurable rewards. Repression or promiscuity both have undesirable consequences but there is a third solution. With a commitment to a high spiritual ideal and by linking ourselves to our soul and spirit we can transform our sexual energy to develop our fullest potential as human beings and to bring heaven down to earth.

“To master the sexual force you must have a high ideal, a tremendous love for perfection, purity and beauty. This is not easy and needs an entire science if you are to succeed. Without a high ideal, without an aspiration to live the divine life, it is not worth struggling against the sexual force because you will not succeed in sublimating it. You will only repress and this is not a solution to the problem of sexuality. Only a tremendous love for a high ideal will allow you to sublimate your energies.”

Men and women can share a divine emotion
Satisfaction of the sexual instinct is one of the greatest sources of pleasure a human being experiences – but it comes at a price and is transitory. By changing our attitude towards intimate relations, and considering them a spiritual work, then pleasures of a more lasting and divine nature can be experienced.

“The secret of control, the secret of sublimation, is to seek work not pleasure. You say “But suppose I hold my love in my arms… what’s the point if I’m not looking for pleasure?

There can be joy, there can be inspiration, there can be wonder and ecstasy, if you have a heightened consciousness… is that not more than pleasure? When a man and woman are together sharing a divine emotion, without being carried away, then their communion, this tenderness between them, is something so expressive, so beautiful. It is a form of pleasure of course, but superior pleasure, something divine which makes them immortal.”

Angels will bring all sorts of gifts for lovers

“The Kingdom of God will only come on earth when human love is made more spiritual. May those who are enlightened and who have a high ideal in love, know they can work for the Kingdom of God with their sexual energy. May they love each other, embrace each other, but always with the idea that this love is dedicated to the realization of something divine. If they do this, they will produce such beautiful emanations that the angels themselves will be amazed and in their delighted wonder, will bring all sorts of gifts to lovers.”

The quotes above are taken from:
Izvor Collection, Book 213, ‘Sexual Force or the Winged Dragon’

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