Spiritual work with Light

Yes, this is something you should know: when a human being dedicates his whole life to the light, his work becomes of decisive importance for the affairs of the world. Wherever he may be and whether he be known or entirely unknown to the rest of the world, he becomes a centre, a focal point of such power that nothing takes place without his participation; he harmonizes all the forces of the universe in the direction of one luminous goal; he even has a part in the decisions taken by the spirits on high.
Does this astonish you? There is no reason to be astonished: it is quite normal. Why shouldn’t the luminous spirits who watch over the destiny of the world take into account the opinions of other spirits whose radiations and emanations resemble their own? It would be neither logical nor just if nobody here on earth were allowed a voice in decisions concerning the future of mankind.

Henceforth, you must know, first of all, that your voice can be heard when it comes to deciding the destiny of the world and, secondly, how to take part in the decision-making process on high. When you realize this, your life will take on new meaning. You will understand more clearly how important it is to start living a divine life that will earn you the right to make your voice heard in the debates of the sublime entities on high.

Omraam  Mikhael Aivanhov – The Powers of the Thought, Izvor 224


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