Spirituality today needs to be a blend of East and West, Part 1/3

The demands of Hindu and Tibetan Masters- 
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov spoke of the demands of certain Hindu and Tibetan Masters of the past and described the initiatic ordeals to which they subjected their disciples in order to link them ever more closely to the divine source. For his own disciples he had great ambitions, and although he always showed them great love, he could also be severe, even inflexible.

The demands he made on himself, however, were a hundred times greater. Wishing to be capable not only of instructing them but of giving them an entirely new vision of life, he constantly sought to perfect himself and increase his own knowledge. He was never satisfied that what he gave them adequately answered their needs.

Universal brotherhood will come about through a blend of East and West
The references he made at this time to the demands of oriental Masters were important. In his view, true universal brotherhood could only come about through a blending of aspects developed respectively by East and West. The spiritual philosophy, clairvoyance, knowledge and psychic powers of the former allied to the scientific discoveries and material and social progress of the latter were capable of transforming the world.

Eastern methods need to be adapted for Westerners
In spite of the fascination Eastern mysticism held for many Westerners, however, he did not hesitate to insist that Eastern methods needed to be adapted, for they corresponded to neither the mentality nor the climate nor the way of life of Westerners.

Emphasis on rigorous physical exercise needs to change
In this he agreed with teachers such as Ramakrishna and Vivekananda, neither of whom had encouraged their disciples to practice rigorous physical exercises; on the contrary, they had declared that traditional techniques whose goal was to develop great mental concentration were no longer appropriate. They too had emphasized the value of spiritual work, of meditation and contemplation as the most effective means of achieving liberation. ’

Extracts from the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Biography, by Louise-Marie Frenette,
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