Becoming one with your Higher Self

But, if you want the qualities of your higher Self to flow down into your lower self, you are going to have to bring your imagination into play. With your imagination, you can do the exercise that I described before when talking about the sun. See link below.

You are down here on earth and you focus on your higher Self in the world above and picture him looking down at you; in other words, from that higher level you look down and see yourself and the imperfect conditions in which you live.

An extraordinary current is established between our two Selves
Keeping this thought before you, you set in motion a current that flows between the Self that is above and the self that is below. In this way you are restoring the vital link between you for, from down here you are thinking that you are up there and, up there, you are conscious that you are down here, thinking of your Self up above.

Your higher Self will start to smile at you
You stay with your eyes closed, conscious at the same time that you are there, in your room, a living, thinking being, while your all-powerful, omniscient higher Self above sees his reflection and recognizes himself in you. Seeing himself, he smiles at you – perhaps even laughs a little – and you watch him from below and begin to get to know him while he watches you from above.

Your higher Self should be conscious of seeing himself in you
In this way the gulf between the higher and lower poles of your being begins to narrow until one day it disappears and they are fused into one.

So you have to imagine not only that your higher Self watches you but that he is conscious of seeing himself in you, through your mind; that he recognizes the close bond between you. In this way, thanks to the extraordinary closeness of communication, your superconsciousness will begin to stir and awaken.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, 17 January, 1971

Complete Works, Volume 17, Know Thyself – Jnana Yoga Volume 1

The exercise with the sun.

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