Story about Babaji and the train

After his return from India, Omraam Mikhaël told of an incident involving Neemkaroli Babaji which had occurred in the small town of Nib Karauri.

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One day, Babaji was travelling by train along with a number of sadhus who had not bought tickets. The sadhus in India are usually poor and often use public transport without paying. When they are found out they are simply asked to leave. On this particular day, the ticket inspector asked all the sadhus—including Babaji, who was also without a ticket—to leave the train.

At the next stop, after Babaji and the sadhus left the train with the passengers who had reached their destination, they stayed on the platform. The whistle blew to announce its departure, but to the surprise of the engineer the train failed to move. When a detailed inspection of the engine failed to determine the reason for this failure, the advice of the station-master and other employees was sought and a general discussion followed. They were all very puzzled and had no idea what to do about it.

Finally an old man, pointing to Babaji, told the station-master: ‘Go and ask him. It is he who is preventing the train from leaving. I saw light coming from his eyes.’ The station-Master spoke to Babaji, and when he invited him to get back on the train, he did so, followed by all the sadhus, and without more ado the train went on its way. From then on he was known as Neemkaroli Babaji, meaning the Babaji of Nib Karauri.

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Louise-Marie Frenette,
Extract from The Life of a Master in the West  (Amazon, ‘look inside’)
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