Sunlight contains all elements that exist on earth

Few people realize how important the sun is. Oh, of course, scientists interest themselves in the sun, but only for utilitarian purposes; they would like to bottle and sell it. People only think of the material, commercial advantages it can offer.

And it is precisely this spiritual aspect that I want to explain to you: how to grow spiritually by getting to know the sun, by learning how to look at and contemplate it, and even how to enter into it mentally.

From the sun we can draw into ourselves all the elements we need for health and equilibrium
Shortly you will see what this means for a disciple, the possibilities that it opens before them, and how, by focusing all their powers of concentration on the sun, they can capture and draw into themselves, in all their original purity, the elements needed to ensure their health and equilibrium.

Nowadays, people stuff themselves with medicines; they are ready to swallow wholesale quantities of drugs in the hopes of curing their ailments. But they never think of rising to a higher plane, of seeking purer, more effective remedies from subtler regions. They are content to look for remedies on the physical plane.

The universe was formed by a gradual condensation of emanations from the sun
But where do those remedies come from in the first place? From the sun! And this being so, would it not be better to get them directly from the source? You will better understand this notion if I tell you that the universe was formed by a gradual condensation.

The sun contains in an etheric state all elements that exist on earth

Each element, you see, is a condensation, a solidification of the next subtler element: air comes from fire, water from air and earth from water. But beyond and above the fire that we know there is another kind of fire, the light of the sun, which is the source of everything and which contains, in a subtle, etheric state, all that exists on earth.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
The Bonfin, 31 July 1967

Complete Works, Volume 10, The Splendour of Tiphareth
Chapter 1, The Sun, Centre of our Universe

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    Oh Wonderful!..I used to sun gaze directly for hours at a time ….then it was easy and I was exposed to sunlight on body all day in the ocean and beach and other places while photographing….these posts are so specific to my deep profound commitment to Solar Science…My middle name legally is “Sun”
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