Surya Yoga – The Yoga of the Sun

‘And what about you? Why do you come up here, to the Rock of Prayer at sunrise every morning? Some come because they want to be like everybody else; others for the aesthetic pleasure they get out of it. How many of you come for the sake of the infinitely noble work that you can do here, or in order to understand the sun a little better? Very few!

And this is why I want to talk to you about what the sun means and how important it is, and about all the possibilities, all the treasures it can give us, for it will help you enormously if your ideas on the subject are clearer. Then you will be able to do some really valid, important spiritual work.

When you focus all your attention on the sun, loving it and seeking to unite with it, seeing it as the gateway to heaven, you are practising Surya-yoga. A person who practises Surya-yoga rejects none of the other kinds of yoga; on the contrary, they use them to become a whole being and fulfil himself in every way.

This is why I am going to spend the next few days talking to you about Surya-yoga, the yoga of the sun, and I hope that you will then have a clearer idea of what it is and of all the benefits to be gained from being present at the sunrise every morning. Each of the other types of yoga helps to develop one particular aspect of oneself, whereas Surya-yoga activates all our psychic centres. When we unite ourselves with the sun we are bound to get results, for we are uniting with the central power that governs and animates all the planets of our universe.

It is through observations of this nature that initiates reached the extraordinarily advanced states of awareness which enabled them to establish their science, their philosophy and their methods. Their discoveries and the fruits of their research have been handed down to us, and today I am handing them on to you for your edification and fulfilment. The only thing is that you must understand me correctly.’

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Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works 10, The Splendours of Tipharet
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