Talent and Perfection

‘The world today is full of people who are remarkably gifted and talented. But why are all these gifts and talents and skills unable to save the world? Because that is not what is needed.
If providence has given you the talent to be a poet,musician, physicist, economist or swimming champion and you have cultivated that talent, that is magnificent, but what really matters is to live according to the divine laws; that is to say, to work, every day of your life, to acquire greater wisdom, greater integrity and generosity and greater self-mastery.

The world needs people who are capable of manifesting moral qualities far more than it needs artists, scientists, athletes, etc. Take care, therefore, not to let yourself be too impressed by gifted, talented people, and never make it your ideal to be like them. Your ideal must be the highest possible: to come a little closer to perfection every day. And perfection is to be like the sun, luminous, warm and vivifying, so as to awaken, enlighten and stimulate all creatures.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Golden Rules for Everyday Life, Izvor 227 

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