The Aura can radiate love to the whole of creation, Part 7/7

There are still many aspects of the aura which I have not explained, but what really matters is that you learn to care for your aura just as you care for your skin. You have a bath or shower and wash every day, don’t you? It is the same with your aura and I will explain how.

The particles emanating from a great Master are alive, intense, luminous and potent. When they penetrate our aura they enter into our very structure and transform our whole being. Those who receive their Master’s emanations with love begin to think and behave like him and, one day, they become as free as he is.

To be sure, this does not happen all at once: it takes years and years, but it does happen. Unfortunately, people are not interested in what is invisible. They rely exclusively on what they can see or touch. They neglect the unseen aspects of reality completely, and yet that aspect is so important!

Make up your minds, therefore, to cultivate your aura, and you will find that you begin to understand many things. When you are angry you are steeped in a fiery red, a dark, dirty red, very unlike the rosy red of love. And if you lack faith, if you are not at peace in yourself, you will have a dull, ugly shade of blue in your aura, whereas, as your faith becomes stronger, the blue of your aura becomes as bright as the sky. One day I will talk to you at greater length about the meaning of each colour.

 Here is an exercise you can do with colours every day: get yourself a prism (you can probably find one in a shop), hold it up to the sun and observe how the white light of the sun is refracted into seven colours as it passes through it. And when you have gazed at the colours for a while, close your eyes and imagine that you are surrounded by purple, then blue, green, yellow and so on. Or you can start with red and end with purple, keeping each colour wrapped round you, as it were, for several minutes.

If you do this every day, you will purify and strengthen your aura and find yourself in such splendid form that you will be amazed. Also, if you want to help one of your family or friends who is ill or unhappy and discouraged, do the same exercise for them. Send them the most beautiful colours of the spectrum. Yes, there are a great many things you can do with the aura and the seven colours!

And now, just a few words to conclude: you can do all these exercises with colour when you go up to the sunrise in the morning. Looking at the sun and its aura and all the colours pouring from it into space, say to yourself, ‘I’m going to be like the sun. I’ll surround myself with rays of light: golden, blue, purple or green light…’

Then, spend a long time steeping yourself in the splendour of those colours; contemplate them, picture them reaching to a great distance, so that every living creature is bathed in this marvellous atmosphere, swimming in light, drenched in light… and your aura will be a blessing for all creatures.

Yes, you can do this; it is possible. There are no limits to what you can do; it is human beings who impose limits on themselves. You must have an insatiable appetite for good. Promise yourself, ‘I will do it; I will succeed!’

A spiritual Master or a disciple who is already very advanced, radiates love to the whole of creation, to the whole universe. Their love reaches farther than the stars. Yes, for some this is a reality; they send their love to the stars, and the stars send back a floodtide of love which breaks over them like an ocean wave and they find themselves swimming in love. Cosmic love is their very environment.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Les Monts-de-Pully (Switzerland) 22 May 1960

Compete Works Volume 6, Harmony
Chapter 12. The Aura

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