The Body of Glory

– God dwells in our body of Glory
“The New Testament tells us that we possess an incorruptible body of pure light, which we call the body of glory. In the very distant past, this body enabled human beings to travel through space and to see and understand the whole of creation. But as they became more and more deeply immersed in the denser layers of matter, humans neglected their body of glory until it became incapable of manifesting itself.

And now we have to reverse this movement and nourish and care for it so that it can be restored to its former function. It is thanks to our body of glory, after all, that we shall live eternally and recapture the powers that were ours in the past: one day, the animals will obey us and the spirits serve us once again.
All the forces of creation are at the disposal of those who nourish their body of glory until it attains its full stature, for it is in this glorious body, not in our physical body, that God dwells.

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– How to develop your body of glory?
Our body of glory is there, within us, in the form of a seed, a germ, and our task  is precisely to water, warm, and nourish this seed. When you experience some moments of intense spiritual life, or listen to music, or are deeply moved by the sight of something very beautiful, you are nourishing and reinforcing your body of glory.

You can only nourish your body of glory with the purest and most luminous elements; this is why you must be very careful to filter out all impurities of thought and feeling. And if you experience a difficult moment and are besieged by feelings of hatred, jealousy, or revenge, remember that this can retard the formation of your body of glory, and immediately change your state of mind.

You will ask, ‘But how can we get hold of the materials we need?’ and the answer is: by means of the law of affinity. Each of your thoughts, feelings, and desires draws from the surrounding atmosphere matter which exactly corresponds to it. Good thoughts, feelings, and desires, backed up by a firm intention, capture particles of pure, eternal, incorruptible matter.

So you must surpass and transcend yourselves, in order to draw the purest and most luminous particles from the etheric ocean and weld them into your body of glory.
You are already capable of obtaining these particles today; in tiny quantities to begin with, but gradually, day by day, in greater and greater quantities. That is what you are doing every day at sunrise: you leave the earth and link up with heaven, with the sun; and the sun gives you some bright, shining particles to add to your body of glory.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
‘A New Earth, Methods, Exercises, Formulas, Prayers…

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