The Brain and the Solar Plexus, Final

When you want to meditate, you choose a spiritual subject on which to concentrate and then you can watch your thoughts unfold, as it were, as they follow the contours of the subject. It is almost as though you could see their shapes and colours: this is an activity of the brain. But when your meditation takes you onto a higher plane, you feel that your brain ceases to be actively in charge and the solar plexus takes over. You no longer grasp things analytically, with the intellect; instead, you have a synthetic grasp of reality and you begin to vibrate in harmony with the subject of your meditation, to enjoy a marvellous sense of fulfilment: your meditation becomes contemplation.

Your thought, your mental activity, has become contemplation of things so shining and wondrous that your vibrations become more and more intense. Without realising just how it can be so, you know with absolute certainty that you understand things far better than when you use your intellect. Yes, and this is simply because you have touched the heart of the universe. When your heart – your solar plexus – begins to feel and love and vibrate with great intensity, then, yes. You can then touch and move the heart of the universe, the heart of God himself, and the life-giving, illuminating currents, forces and energies of that heart will flood into you.

When a powerful stream of love pours out from your heart, the law of affinity, the law of repercussion, triggers a response from the heart of the universe. To touch the heart of the universe is to know, feel and enter into the plans and intentions of the eternal One, the soul of the universe. And in order to touch the heart of the universe you have to vibrate on the same wavelength, that is, to emanate the same disinterested love.

When all your wishes and desires and everything you pray for no longer concern only your own interests but the good of humanity and the universe as a whole, then your heart vibrates in rhythm with the heart of the universe; it is tuned to the same wavelength. And since the heart of the universe is the source of all happiness and all loveliness, the source of all poetry and music, of all that is splendid and divine, then you will receive that life, that happiness and all that splendour. Then you will taste fulfilment.

So in order to touch the heart of the universe you have to intensify your love. And this is something that has to be done with the solar plexus. As I have said, when you do this your mental activity ceases: you project a powerful beam of energy, a strong current of love, and although it is you who are in control, yet your brain remains at rest. You understand, you are conscious, and you direct your energies without tension or activity of the brain. How is this possible? The explanation is that there is another form of thought, another kind of comprehension, and this is what you need to discover.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres
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