The Brain and the Solar Plexus, Part 5/10

The brain feels nothing at all until things have reached very serious proportions, and even then it doesn’t know what to do about it. If your heart is beating too fast or too slowly, or if you have a stomach ache, the brain can do nothing about it and, what is more, that is not its job.But if you make sure that the solar plexus has the conditions it needs to function correctly, it can soon put everything right. With the development of the brain, man attained the self-awareness which enabled him to become an individual.

The solar plexus, by contrast, being the seat of the subconscious, maintains man’s contact with the ocean of universal life, with the whole cosmos, and this is something the brain cannot do – at least, not yet. One day this communication will be possible, but the brain was formed too recently and is still insufficiently developed, whereas the solar plexus has existed far longer. The human brain is still not fully organized, but this will come, for its mission is to record the totality of knowledge and to give birth to notions still beyond our ken.

But, I repeat, the one in charge at the moment, the one that controls and commands all the others, is the solar plexus in conjunction with the Hara centre, situated a little lower down. You must learn, therefore, to divide the burden between the two centres: the solar plexus, in the belly, and the brain in the head. This is the only way to be balanced.

The human brain is like a torch which can be switched on and which can see reality and reason about it. Yes, but the trouble is that in most people, the torch is not very efficient, it is often no more than a candle, and it does not give out much light. So it has to be plugged in to an inexhaustible source of energy which will allow it to develop its full potential; and that source is the solar plexus.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres
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