The Brain and the Solar Plexus, Part 6/10

What is the relationship between the solar plexus and the brain? They are the two poles: the one masculine and emissive and the other, feminine and receptive. God has given powers to both, but so different that they can only be made fully manifest when the two principles are united and work together towards a single goal.

The solar plexus is always there, but behind the scenes; so quiet and discreet that no one ever suspects its presence.The brain is active and dynamic, but it tires very quickly if the solar plexus doesn’t subsidize it regularly. For this reason, before undertaking any major intellectual task, you should first prepare your solar plexus.

The source, the projector, is the solar plexus and the brain is the screen which manifests, expresses and publishes whatever the plexus feeds to it. The pictures projected onto the screen of the brain come from the plexus. Whether good or bad, they are all produced on the screen, just as at the cinema.


When you want to meditate or to undertake any intense intellectual activity, don’t rush into it or try to concentrate suddenly, without preparation, otherwise your brain will just seize up and you won’t accomplish anything worthwhile. Begin by concentrating on your solar plexus and then, when you feel that you have reached a state of peace and inner warmth, you can begin to work because your brain will be sustained and nourished by the energies flowing from your plexus.

Learn to share out the work between the brain and the solar plexus just as in a marriage in which the husband and wife live in harmony and share the work. The solar plexus has archives in which all the knowledge it has ever acquired since the most remote past is stored, and it is up to the brain to retrieve this knowledge and express it.
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 219, Man’s Subtle Bodies and Centres
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