The Brain and the Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is a brain in reverse: in the brain the grey matter is on the outside and the white matter on the inside; whereas in the solar plexus the grey matter is on the inside and the white matter on the outside.
It is the solar plexus that created the brain and continues to nourish it and send it energy and strength. When the energy from the solar plexus fails to reach the brain, you become lethargic and incapable of activity; you have a headache or feel sleepy and incapable of thinking clearly. 

The brain, therefore, is not totally separate from the solar plexus, but there are not very many human beings who know how to direct energy from the solar plexus to the brain. The brain is dynamic and active, but it tires very quickly if its efforts are not sustained by energy from the solar plexus.

This is why, before undertaking any major intellectual task, before meditating or concentrating, you should prepare your solar plexus. One way to do this is to massage it in a circular motion, anticlockwise. In a very few minutes you will feel that your thought is flowing freely and you can begin work. Your activity must be harmoniously and evenly shared between the brain and the solar plexus.
To be continued…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
A NEW EARTH Methods, Exercises, Formulas and Prayers

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