The Cardinal Feasts

The Easter festival is in relation to the coming of spring, over which Archangel Raphael presides; this archangel represents Mercury and rules over the south. When nature comes back to life in the spring, it reminds human beings that they, too, must come back to life, not physically, perhaps – that is hardly possible – but spiritually. Just as trees and plants receive a new influx of life with the rising sap, humans must work to cause the new spiritual sap to rise within them and bring new life to their subtle bodies.

The great Christian feast of this season is Easter, the feast that commemorates Christ’s resurrection. In this feast, the life of nature and the life of the soul coincide.  If you are familiar with the science of symbols, you know that the life of an initiate corresponds to the life of nature: an initiate’s life is a succession of symbolic episodes which follow each other in a certain order in view of a well-defined goal.

The life of Jesus was patterned on the development of the earth and of the cosmos: it is a symbol that has universal significance. Particular forces and entities set to work at each of these great times of the year. And we too, at least through our awareness, can participate in this work.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Complete Works Book 32, The Fruits of the Tree of Life

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