The Cycle of Water

– Love and Wisdom
The valleys symbolize kindness, generosity, tenderness and fertility. Trees, gardens, orchards, flowers, towns and human beings are to be found in valleys, not on the mountain tops. On mountain tops are rocks, ice and barrenness. Are you always lonely? If so, go down into the valleys where you will find abundance, where flow the rivers of love. The learning and the wisdom you acquire on the mountain tops have to melt and form rivulets, streams and rivers to enrich the valleys. Your intelligence must take you up to the mountain tops, and your love must take you down into the valleys.

You must not worry if you get a little dirty when trying to help others; you can always do as water does and blend into the ocean, for the ocean cannot be soiled. If you complain of being defiled and plundered, it is because you see yourself as a little pond… worse, as a tiny puddle of water! You must not identify with a pond; identify with the ocean, and then you will sense that you cannot be defiled by anybody or anything. And the day will come when you will be caught up by the rays of the spiritual sun, and they will take care of your purification. Rising above the earth you will leave behind all the impurities that you had absorbed along the way.

232 ocean-wave

Each human being is like a drop of water, and each drop falls exactly where cosmic intelligence intended it to fall in order to accomplish its particular task. Each drop has to sacrifice itself in one way or another; some by giving drink to the thirsty; some by washing and refreshing those who are hot and dirty after the day’s work; some by watering the seeds in the fields. Yes, the sacrifices required of water are numerous – we use it to make bread, cook vegetables or dissolve poisons – and it must never rebel against what is asked of it; it always has to accept. But once it has accomplished its mission it is allowed to return to the heavens and recover its transparency.

Water says, ‘Do as I do. Use the twin methods of love and wisdom. Learn to go up and down, to receive and to give, and you will find fulfilment.’ This is an age in which the light of the sun will shine on the snow. The snow will melt and great rivers will be formed; vegetation everywhere will be watered, and we shall see all kinds of new fruit and flowers.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor book 232, The Mysteries of the Fire and Water

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  1. Liping September 13, 2015 at 10:15 pm - Reply

    Thank you, Valerie. Again this is what I was just thinking about, and then I opened an old email, … and the right message for me at the right time! Thank you, Master Omraam, for sharing your oceanic love and sunshine wisdom and truth …! Love & Blessings <3, L.

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