The Foundation of all Spiritual Qualities, Part 7/7

The Geometry of the Sephirotic Tree –

God is the plenitude, the abundance of the Sephiroth, that is, the science, the understanding and penetration of Hod; the fragrance, colours, beauty and celestial charm of Netzach; the light and splendour of Tiphareth; the power and triumphant victory over inner and outer enemies of Geburah; the protection, justice, kindness and generosity of Chesed; the steadfastness and perseverance, the knowledge of Karma and destiny, of Binah; the eternal wisdom and beautiful harmony of Chokmah; the omnipotence of Kether.

The Sephiroth Yesod is the foundation
Yesod is called the foundation because of its purity which condenses and synthesises the virtues and acquisitions of all the Sephiroth. Yesod is the pure life. You must decide to put purity first in your life, ahead of knowledge, wealth or power, it must be the basis for your existence.

Today people are very knowledgeable and intelligent and learned, but they are not concerned with purity (what good does it do?) they are preoccupied with any number of things but because they lead impure lives, they fall ill or lose everything they possess… because the foundation was not solid. Yes, the foundation is the most important of all, dear brothers and sisters.

Through Yesod all the qualities and virtues will materialise in Malkuth, the physical plane
Once we understand that and do all we can to acquire purity, then through the intermediary of Yesod, the qualities and virtues of all the Sephiroth will concretize and materialize themselves in Malkuth, the physical plane. There have been saints in the past who had no learning at all but worked exclusively on purity: all the other qualities including wisdom and clairvoyance and the power to heal came and manifested through them because there were no opaque layers, no thick screens to keep heaven from entering.

Purity brings health, knowledge, power, and joy. You don’t know why, but you are full of joy! Forget everything else if you wish, but remember the fact that purity is the basis for all the other acquisitions. The quintessence of the science of all the great founders of religion is the pure life.

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Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, 16th January, 1972

Complete Works Volume 7. The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life 
The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life
Part 1. Yesod reflects the virtues of all the Sephiroth

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