The future of mankind

‘The annals of Initiatic Science mention that the human species as we know it is not the only one to have appeared on earth. Other species of humans preceded us, some with a more advanced culture than ours. If they disappeared, it is because they gave free rein to the impulses of their lower nature, which has no other purpose than to control and enslave everything, both human beings and nature.

It is a very bad omen for the future of mankind that we see these tendencies of domination becoming more and more prevalent, especially as scientific and technological advances continue to provide new means. The fate of Atlantis will be repeated in our day, but in another form. In the past it was water that destroyed the continent of Atlantis, but next time it will be fire in all its forms. If human beings do not learn to put their lower nature at the service of their higher nature, to the powers of the soul and spirit, then mankind will destroy itself.

Cosmic intelligence, which lives in eternity, can easily spare one more humanity and it will let ours go its own way. So many species have disappeared already that cosmic intelligence would not be troubled if, by its own fault, this humanity also disappeared. With the few remaining individuals, it would prepare a new one.

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There is a secret that only the great masters have discovered, that within you are two triangles: you give below and you receive from above. Combined, these two triangles become the six-cornered “Seal of Solomon.” When you are the red triangle of the spirit in relation to human beings you give, and in this way you become the blue triangle of matter in relation to heaven. You give and receive… give and receive. Until you learn to do this you will be drained and begin to regret having worked for others. You have to learn, therefore, to be the red triangle that gives to the earth and at the same time the blue triangle that receives from heaven. In other words you must be emissive in relation to the world below and receptive to the world above.

So now, my dear brothers and sisters, make up your minds to become triangles of the spirit and to do something for others instead of wanting the whole world to revolve around yourselves. Those who think only of themselves retard their own development, but those who work for others become stronger in themselves. The physical body works, uses up its energies and becomes weaker with age, that is true, but the spirit becomes stronger. One triangle diminishes while the other increases.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

Izvor Book 208, The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace
Complete Works Vol. 1, The Second Birth


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