The invisible atom that makes life beautiful

Receive the subtle element that will give us a taste for life
There are so many things even here on earth that can plunge one into ecstasy, only the ability to feel is not vibrant anymore, people have lost the faculty of feeling deeply and only rejoice when they are indulging in physical pleasure. That appeals to them, but things that are beautiful, harmonious, musical and poetic, pure, mystic and divine, are of no interest.

That is why they encounter so much disillusionment and sorrow. ‘Take this, take that, and you will be happy!’say the advertisements on television, in newspapers and magazines, to make people want a comfort and pleasure that will never give them what they really need. The initiates say, ‘Climb, climb high in prayer and meditation, to receive the subtle element that will give you a taste for life.’

This element is no more than a little invisible atom but once you have it everything vibrates inside you and life becomes beautiful. Without that element, even if you own everything you ever wanted, you will feel empty and disappointed.

Without this atom, all the gold in the world will bring you nothing but misfortune
And if you say, ‘Ah, if only I could meet a great Master and learn from him!’ I will answer that you are not on the right track, for unless you already have acquired the element that will make it possible for you to appreciate a great Master and love him as you should, even if he were the greatest Master on earth, you would do nothing but argue and criticize and end up as ignorant as ever.

Do not say, ‘Well, if only I could marry a marvellous girl!’ or, ‘If only I could discover where the Templars hid their treasure!’ for without the element I have been talking about, the most beautiful girl in the world and all the gold in the world will bring you nothing but misfortune.

That is the way you should think, dear brothers and sisters, but you don’t realize the value of what I tell you because you are not used to thinking this way. Do you know, it would be worth working for thousands of years to obtain this one element that makes everything a cause for joy.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, 16th January, 1972

Complete Works Volume 7. The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life 
The Mysteries of Yesod – Foundations of the Spiritual Life

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