The lower Self is a reflection…

… Make no mistake, you are all divinities. Yes, divinities. You belong to a high place in which no limitations, no darkness, no suffering or sorrow, no discouragement exist, where you are sur- rounded by plenitude.
Here on earth you are not surrounded by plenitude because you have not been able to live and manifest life on earth as it is above : the personality prevents you! Obtuse as it is, ill-adapted as it is, ill-tuned as a radio that cannot pick up the essential broadcasting stations, the personality still can keep you from receiving the waves and currents from the higher regions. 

The divine currents sent out by Cosmic Intelligence are so short and rapid and the matter of the personality so dense and heavy that you cannot possibly vibrate intensely enough or rapidly enough to hear them, they slip by without leaving a trace of what you actually experience in the higher regions of your being.

There is a way to improve the situation: by deciding to obey Nature and lead a pure life. If you want more than anything to become a child of God, then your heart will become more generous, your mind more enlightened, your will stronger and more determined; your personality will be only the instrument that expresses the sublime life of the individuality… to the extent of becoming united with it… and then there will be no more personality, the personality and the individuality will be one complete and perfect entity.

The life of human beings  is a continual alternation between light and darkness until the day finally comes when they become, they live the Spirit. That is, they are born again, into a new Life.

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
Izvor Book 213, Man’s two Natures

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