The Magic Square of the Sun, Part 4/4

The sum of each row and column = 111

If you wish to have a talisman, you must search for the person to prepare it. They must be pure, honest, fair, and luminous, otherwise they will not be able to introduce into the metal the energies that are necessary, nor attract within them the higher influences.

It is said that Solomon knew many things about this subject, that he conjured the spirits with the help of talismans, even forcing them to throw themselves into the sea in order to bring him precious stones and corals from the depths that he would use for his magical operations.

Yes, but Solomon knew how to work with these spirits. Whereas the majority of those who prepare talismans today are unaware of a crucial element. They do everything they should, they appeal to the invisible beings because, among them are some who are servants and who come to fulfil what is requested of them.

But they do not know that, later, these invisible beings will claim a payment. They want to serve well, but they expect to be compensated. They are called, very well, and they become servants, but they expect to be fed. Do we have the food they need? And after a year, if they have taken all our reserves, what will be left for us?

Why do Talsismans lose their power?
Some are curious as to why talismans that were at first powerful and effective lose their powers after a certain time. Suppose someone has prepared a talisman to support an enterprise that is honest and spiritual. They find that it brings them inspiration, that it intensifies their faith, their hope, their dedication. While they live with concerns of kindness, purity and spirituality, they will spread around them the subtle nourishment that feeds the invisible beings attracted, called to, and engaged in the construction of the talisman.

Thanks to this nourishment, these beings are satisfied and they continue to serve the owner of the talisman. But if the owner neglects their original concerns, and directs their thoughts and feelings elsewhere, they cease to feed the invisible beings who served them, and these beings move away. And then they will find that the talisman that once worked so well is now ineffective.

The Egyptians provided nourishment for the spirits connected to the Talismans
The reason is that they no longer nourish, with their elevated thoughts and purity, the spiritual beings who were connected to the talisman. When these beings leave the talisman, it dies. This also happens for stones and objects, which were once alive and then died.

The Egyptians had a great knowledge about the nourishment they had to give the spirits connected to the talismans. When they placed them in the temples or in tombs, they were accompanied by special provisions. In this way, the talismans, which could nourish themselves, did not lose their power.

Anyone who imagines that they can rely on a talisman and continue to live in any way they wish is mistaken. In such conditions, talismans cannot help us. I know of people who have prepared talismans in the hope of becoming rich or powerful, and who have remained as poor and helpless as before, even though they have chosen exactly the right time and said the appropriate formulas. Why? Because the value of a talisman depends on many other things.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, December 17, 1938

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 2 The White Stone

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