The physical body is capable of amazing things, Part 3/5

Of course, you will tell me that today human beings understand the importance of the physical body. Yes, but not in the right way: they take care to give it plenty of food, comfort and sexual pleasure, they do all they can to make it attractive and seductive, but they do little to make it an instrument of the spirit or a channel for the transmission of divine wisdom.

The Bible tells us, ‘For you are the temple of the living God.’ Is it the spirit or the body that is God’s temple? The spirit cannot be the temple because it is immaterial: the spirit is the celebrant, the one who presides at the ceremony.

It is the physical body that is the temple; this is clear – except to Christians, who have never understood it. But then many things in the New Testament still need to be explained.

The physical body is where our work lies. All our difficulties, problems and suffering belong to the physical body. Our task is to make it so pure and invulnerable, so impervious to evil and disease, so subtle and so vital, that it truly becomes a mouthpiece for the spirit, a medium through which the whole of Heaven can express Itself and all the wonders of the universe be made manifest.

These days, of course, the physical body is not a temple; it is more like a tavern in which dark entities come and make merry. People use it to do abominable things; they think that that is what it is for. Few people know what it is really capable of, that it is capable of healing, of projecting light and perfume, that it is capable of travelling through space.

One day you will see all this; you will see the wonderful things that the physical body can do. It is easy for the spirit: once it frees itself from the weight of the body it can go wherever it likes. There is nothing to hold the spirit back: it can fly up to the stars or plunge into the depths of the ocean, but the physical body is not yet ready for such ventures.

Believe me, all this is extremely important. The history of mankind shows that human beings have rarely known exactly how to evaluate the relative importance of the spirit and the body.

If the body were so utterly despicable that it could be allowed to waste away, if only the spirit mattered, we should never have come down to earth, we should have stayed above, in the realm of the spirit. But we have come down to earth, and this means that there is work to be done here.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, July 19, 1975

To be continued…
Complete Works Volume 17. Jnana Yoga Volume 1 – Know Thyself
Chapter 3, Spirit and Matter

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