The power of a Talisman, Part 2/4

The white stone in the Book of Revelation, on which a name was written, is a talisman, a pentacle.

In our time, people have lost so much of the sense of the sacred that you can even find talismans at markets and street fairs, where they sell different coloured trinkets bearing the signs of the zodiac, with the assurance that these are real talismans that can protect you, bring success and connect you with cosmic powers.

Some books give many explanations about the links that exist between precious stones and names. According to your date of birth, they also indicate where on the body you should wear the stone that suits you.

Most people like to wear precious stones: topaz, sapphires, emeralds, etc. It is not always for flirting or vanity, but because instinctively they feel the vibrations which emanate from these precious stones, for they possess forces which the soul perceives and absorbs.

St John talks about a white stone on which is written a new name that no one knows except the one who receives it. Which means that on this stone are written signs and characters similar to those inscribed on talismans and pentacles. In reality, a talisman and a pentacle are not quite the same thing.

A pentacle is an image engraved in metal or stone, or drawn on parchment, or even embossed on a cloth, and on which are written letters. A talisman is an object (stone, flower, insect, ring, bracelet) carrying an energy with which it has been imbued either by nature itself, or by a very powerful being in the psychic world.

Many objects in life can be talismans. They are found in the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, and even in that of humans. This last point we have not yet explored, we do not know what pentacles and talismans are in the kingdom of humans. They are sought everywhere in the other areas, but it has not been realised that they exist in the human realm, some of which may harm us and others protect us.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, December 17, 1938

To be continued…

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 2 The White Stone

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