The richness of a choir

Things will only improve in the world when human beings start to understand the meaning of brotherhood, but that time has not yet come. Humans think that the solution to their problems lies in more education; nobody spares a thought for the collectivity, for the rest of the world; the personal, egotistical side of people is over-developed.

But you, at least, surely you can understand that, if you persist in isolating yourselves and working only for your own interests, you will not receive much help? You absolutely must get rid of the illusion that you will be happier and freer and more successful if you manage by yourself. It is not true: if you sing solo you will never achieve the tonal richness produced by a choir.

History shows that human beings have understood at least one thing: that it was to their advantage to live together in groups. Without this they would still be at the stage of spending all their days hunting for food in the forest. As soon as human beings saw that it would be more practical to combine their forces, each individual benefited from the new situation: while some were fishing or hunting, others wove cloth or built their huts, etc.

And so, today, everybody is at the service of everybody else and each individual benefits from all the advantages that this gives. It is thanks to this that man can progress. Each individual has their own, limited activity and all the rest is at their disposal: libraries, hospitals, public transport, police protection, etc., etc. None of that is possible if you live alone. It is thanks to this collaboration that human beings have been able to put their intelligence to work to acquire the means to change the world itself.

Unfortunately, man’s intelligence is still not perfect because it has always been developed for reasons of self-interest. Everybody benefits from the extraordinary progress that has been made, but only externally. Inwardly, they are still isolated and apart; they are not united.

Humans have still not deciphered the message contained in all the discoveries, possibilities and advantages of modern life, nor transposed them onto the plane of their own inner lives. There is still a lot of work to do, therefore, in order to form this inner society, this human community on the spiritual plane. Inwardly, human beings are still apart and mutually hostile; they are not moving together towards the same goal, and not many are inwardly united. This is why we must work to make inner brotherhood a reality; we must work to unite human beings, peoples and nations and help them to attain that sublime consciousness of unity and a life of fulfilment and abundance, a life of inner prosperity. This is the teaching of Initiatic Science.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 25, A New Dawn: Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science

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