The Secret of Eternal Life, Part 1/4

Many religious people and spiritualists have questioned the significance of the strange connection between knowing God and having eternal life. How can knowledge give eternal life? What connections exist between what we learn in everyday life and the life that does not end?…

Some have thought that ‘to know God’ is only a manner of speaking and it does not involve anything difficult. That it is enough to know God by reading religious, philosophical, Gnostic, Cabbalistic or alchemical works in which are explained his qualities, his powers and how he created the world… That God is love, wisdom, truth, justice, and that to understand these texts is enough.

To be able to really know things, it is necessary that certain elements within us vibrate in sympathy, in harmony with that which we want to know. If we are not perfectly prepared, if our hearts, and our minds are not in a certain state, and able to respond to internal and external vibrations, there is no possibility of knowledge.

We claim we want to know highly evolved invisible beings, but it is impossible until we know how to respond to the vibrations they produce. On the contrary, if we think about vibrating in harmony with these beings, we will know them immediately.

When two pianos are perfectly tuned to each other and a note is struck on one of them, the same note resonates on the other piano. That which responds to the struck note, is knowledge. Unless we know how to vibrate in consonance, we cannot know.

To know God, is nothing other than being able to vibrate in unison with Him, in perfect accord, with his thoughts, his feelings, and his actions… And since God is eternal, we become like him, eternal. This knowledge then becomes eternal life, the highest state of consciousness.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, December 3, 1938

To be continued…

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 1 Eternal Life

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