The spirit of a human being cannot be destroyed

‘The inhabitants of nations experience suffering for their past wrongdoings or as a sacrifice. The present French are not the same as those of the France of old. In France are incarnated Englishmen, Germans, Russians, and even Asians and Africans. The French of other times are elsewhere. How is it that there are such substitutions? These are necessary travels.

Each spirit travels to improve and instruct itself. Each one incarnates successively in several countries. That is why the ideas of separation between peoples do not rest on any solid base. You say, ‘We conserve this river.’ But it is the name you conserve, because how do you conserve the water? The water flows, it makes fun of your opinions. How to keep the spirit, put it in a bottle? It makes fun of your theories.

Consider also the case where you want to kill others to get rid of them. When this happens these beings emerge from their physical bodies and return to the other side. The spirit of a human being travels everywhere, it cannot be destroyed. It is people who artificially create separations between nations. These are the fleeting points of view of which nothing will remain one day. No single one is right, neither the Bulgarians, the French, the English, the Russians, the Germans, nor any populace.

The only ones who are right are those who work for peace in the world, and the kingdom of God on earth. Each populace is mistaken in working entirely for itself. These are limited, tiny goals. What is needed is for all peoples begin to work for the entire world to form a great family. The only right ones are those who work in this direction. Even if others fight them, the earth, the waters, and the sun are right.

We will stay on earth until this philosophy of separation, division and destruction disappears.

This is what I wanted to tell you about the image of the river.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, February 7, 1942

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