The Spiritual World is eternally unchanging and beautiful, Part 3/3

‘Sometimes, to be sure, I agree with those who are afraid to venture into the spiritual domain. The physical world is solid and visible and they feel safe in it because they can see where they are going and what they are doing. The spiritual world is quite another matter: it seems nebulous and dangerous and unknown to them. It is full of snares and deep chasms.

And also there are not many people to provide an example, who could show them how marvellous the spiritual path is. So it is true that the spiritual world can seem hazy and formless, and this is because the organs which would enable human beings to make contact with it are not as highly perfected as their hands, eyes, ears, etc., which they use in working with the visible world.

It seems dangerous because we have not developed the right senses
If you examine it more closely, however, you will see that the spiritual world is not only the most real, the safest and the most clear-cut, but that it is eternally unchanging and beautiful, whereas the physical world is neither stable nor eternal: it crumbles and disintegrates.

If many people are afraid to venture into the spiritual world it is because they have not developed certain senses and have no one to guide them. But the material, tangible world that is accessible to our five senses is not true reality.

With proper guidance we can experience the extraordinary beauty of the spiritual world
True reality is that of the soul and spirit, and in order to have access to this reality human beings need to develop other senses and, above all, they need a Master. Otherwise, it can be dangerous and one can make a great many mistakes and do oneself a lot of harm by arousing hostile forces.

If one has the proper guidance and is ready to work hard, however, there is nothing more marvellous than the spiritual world. The physical world is beautiful: flowers, crystals, trees, birds, mountains, human beings and stars are all extraordinarily beautiful. But in comparison with the world of the spirit they pale into insignificance.

It is no good blaming the spiritual world if you don’t know how to find your way in it. You started out with unbounded confidence in yourself, you would have nothing to do with a Master, you refused the help of a guide, so who is to blame when you fall over the edge of a cliff?’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Sèvres, February 19, 1970

Complete Works Volume 17. Jnana Yoga Volume 1 – Know Thyself
Chapter 3, Spirit and Matter

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