The symphony of the universe

“Humanity is like one great orchestra. Each individual represents an instrument – clarinet, cello, trumpet, violin, piano, guitar, and so on. And the divine life which flows in every living creature, breathes into these instruments or touches their strings. Each individual creature produces a specific note and Cosmic Intelligence has tuned and harmonized all these notes so that they may form the one great symphony of the universe.

It is only here, on earth, that this symphony does not exist, because human beings are guided by their instincts and passions and fail to vibrate as they were created to vibrate, to the rhythm of universal harmony. They cannot do so because their lower nature still restricts their field of consciousness. But once they have decided to work for the good of all, they will begin to vibrate on the same wavelength as the universe.

And this accord will open the floodgates of Heaven, and celestial energies will flow freely through the world and sustain mankind with all the most beneficial currents from the cosmos. There is nothing worse than a purely personal life which is out of tune with the collective life of the universe, for it blocks up the channels through which cosmic energies should flow.

We must get back to the original harmony created by Cosmic Intelligence. Human beings were created so that they could all be in tune with each other like an orchestra. But few people are aware of this. Our physical body, when it is in perfect condition, is a choir: all the cells sing together to produce well-being, joy and health. When our cells no longer sing in harmony, we feel ill, troubled, and dispirited, and illness takes different forms according to the different kinds of disharmony produced by our organs.

It seldom occurs to people that members of an orchestra or choir are not free to play or sing however they please; they have to respect the notes, the tempo and the shades of feeling indicated in the score. Well, believe me: humanity is not a very good orchestra or choir; it produces too many discordant notes! All the members sing at the tops of their voices and play whatever comes into their heads; it is enough to make anyone block their ears. Every human being thinks they have the right to sing whatever they like.

It is only by following an Initiatic Teaching that they learn how to harmonize with others. Before someone can harmonize with others, they need to know that harmony is preferable; secondly they need to aspire to it with all their heart, and finally they must make the necessary efforts and sacrifices to achieve it. And then? And then, there is nothing more to be said: harmony speaks for itself.”

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 206, A Philosophy of Universality
Chapter 8, A Higher State of Consciousness

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