The true purpose of womanhood

– Nature has given women tremendous power
Women were often held back in their evolution by the conditions imposed upon them. What gave men the right to be cruel and selfish, so unfair, what made them think they could exploit women and push them into the background without eventual retaliation?

The time has now come for women to astonish the world with their superiority over men in every field. The most famous authors have written on the subject of woman, but when I read their books I find most of them have misconstrued women, their prejudice and preconceived notions prevent them from seeing the true purpose of womanhood, with the result that they give a distorted picture.

You may think it is not a serious matter to misunderstand woman’s nature but the truth is that the future of mankind depends on how men think: their attitude toward women is what will make the world improve, or keep on deteriorating.

Beauty must be made to come down and incarnate on earth. That is why I approve of women’s desire to beautify themselves all the time. They should be encouraged to do everything they can to make themselves beautiful.

Women beauty

How else will Beauty be protected and transmitted to their children? What will happen to future generations if they are as indifferent to Beauty as men can be… ? Women foster Beauty in the world through their desire to be beautiful themselves. One thing is clear: nature has given women tremendous power. The problem is, they do not know how to use it. 

All women must unite and work constructively on all men and on all the children they bring into the world.  No one can say they are united in this endeavour at the moment, they are too busy with personal matters, too concentrated on enhancing their charms and finding husbands… and later on lovers… with beauty treatments, diets, exercises, all for the sake of their figure. Even if they succeed, what then? Nothing, nothing but a void, because they do not know enough about purifying and beautifying themselves on the inside.

Women are meant to be men’s guides, the example and attitude of women should inspire men to accomplish noble deeds for their sake. That is what men seek more than anything, they want to be inspired and uplifted, but because women do not understand that, their true vocation is not fulfilled.

You say, ‘But women are too weak, too frail to make men do anything!’ It is not opposition men need, it is inspiration… !”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 214, Hope for the Future: Spiritual Galvanoplasty

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