Our links with beings of a higher order, Part 1/3

The Sephirotic Tree – The Tree of Life

Each human being is linked to thousands of other beings, both more advanced and less advanced than themselves. If their thoughts and feelings are of a lofty nature, they can help those that are less advanced—animals, plants and the stones of the earth— for their own states of mind and soul and everything that they experience, is transmitted to those below them and, as they are also linked to beings of a higher order, their divine energies begin to flow into them from that living, unbroken chain of life.

The wisdom, light and love of the Angels and Archangels are channelled, first of all, through the Initiates and great Masters before flooding our beings. But the tide of wisdom does not cease to flow once it reaches us; we, too, are channels through which it passes to plants and minerals and to all the lower levels of creation to which we are connected. Then, by means of another, upward current, these forces are swept up again, from the mineral kingdom to the highest levels of nature. As long as human beings remain linked to this living chain of beings, the joy, peace and light of the Initiates will flow through us.

And this is where the great danger lies for those who want to be independent and who think that, by setting themselves apart and isolating themselves from others, they will be better able to control and command men and events: they cut themselves off from this living chain of beings and, in doing so, cut themselves off from the sources of energy.

No wonder, then, that they become vulnerable to every kind of misfortune or mishap. For where will they get the ideas, inspiration, wisdom and strength they need for their everyday life? ‘They’ll find it in themselves’, you may say. Yes, for a month or a year, perhaps; but they will soon use up all their reserves.

The bonds that bind them to a higher order of beings are destroyed by their pride and vanity and their determination to be independent, with the result that they lose any power they may have once had. Perhaps they had magnificent things in mind to begin with but, before long, those plans will come to nothing, for it is impossible to accomplish anything great if one’s links with the living chain of creation have been severed.

It is as though a light bulb refused to recognize that it was no more than a conductor, a vehicle, for the current from the power station and imagined that it was its own source of light.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Complete Works, Vol. 1, The Second Birth, Love, Wisdom, Truth
Chapter 8

This lecture was given in 1938. It was only in 1960, after his return from India, that Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov yielded to his disciples’ insistence and allowed them to address him as Master.

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