There is no room in an Initiatic School for… Part 3/3

Human beings eat and drink so much, wear so many clothes and use so many objects that, all unknown to them, are impregnated with malignant, evil vibrations. These things can hinder them in their evolution. This is an extremely important truth that I have revealed to you today; a truth that all Initiatic schools have taught since earliest Antiquity. From now on you must give it more and more room in your life.

I have tried and tested the truth of everything I tell you
What you have to do is very simple: bless the objects you use and dedicate them to the service of God. Ask luminous spirits to use them to assist your evolution and that of all mankind. There! The only thing that matters is that you do this (there is no need to go into details about the gestures or formulas to use); it is very important.

Let me add that there is no room in an Initiatic school for those who doubt and refuse to believe; they are wasting their time here. In this school, you are learning the essential, divine, eternal truths that will enable you to renew and rebuild yourselves and become true sons and daughters of God. Trust me and accept these things, for I have tried and tested the truth of everything I tell you.

The sun is far more alive than any statuette!
Tibetan adepts are taught how to work with a statuette of a divinity. By concentrating and reciting certain magic formulas, they learn to impregnate a statuette with their own vitality until, one day, the divinity itself comes and dwells in it and the adepts benefit from close contact with this higher being and from the help and advice it gives them.

I tried this method, once, to see if it was effective, and I found that it really was. But my own method is even better: instead of wasting one’s energies by concentrating on a statuette and trying to infuse life into it, it is far better to concentrate on the sun. The sun is, certainly, far more alive than any statuette! And if you gaze at the sun and focus all your thoughts and all your love on it for years and years, it will not be you who instil life into the sun—it certainly does not need to receive life from you—it will be the sun that vivifies you!

Focus on nourishing and animating yourself, with the help of the sun
It is useful and necessary, therefore, to infuse good vibrations into an object, but that is not the be-all and end-all of the spiritual work you can do in this regard. Even if an object can be really helpful, it will never be part of your being; all that vitality with which you nourish it will not be yours any longer, once it has gone out from you.

When you nourish a statuette or other object with elements drawn from yourself you make it capable of living its own life. You are nurturing something other than yourself, something that remains foreign to yourself and which you will always be in danger of losing. Isn’t it infinitely preferable to be animated and vivified, yourself, by the sun, the symbol of Christ? In this way your energies will always be yours and the sun will continue to nourish them.

Everything is possible with white magic. Instead of being content to animate objects, why not animate yourselves! For the most important ‘object’ of all is none other than you, yourself!

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, 16 July 1967

Complete Works Volume 32. Fruits of the Tree of Life
Chapter 23, Objects are Receptacles of Life

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