Exercise three: the Solar Disc, Part 7/7

The Solar Disc – symbol explained –

This exercise involves swinging our right and left arms alternately forward in circles from behind our body, while saying in our mind, ‘May I swim in the ocean of cosmic light, for the glory of our heavenly Father.’

The circle is a geometric figure in which all points of the circumference are at an equal distance from the central point. There is great science contained in the Solar Disc figure. The circle is the symbol for the universe, and the central point represents the Supreme Being who gives it life and sustains it. Because the centre is equidistant from all points on the periphery, it keeps the circle balanced. Between the central point and the periphery continuous exchanges take place, and these exchanges produce and maintain life.

The figure of a circle with a central point is also a hieroglyph used traditionally to represent the sun, the centre of our universe and the source of light. In the sun, the ideas of circle and light meet. In the morning, you go to see the sunrise: a luminous sphere emerges slowly from the darkness, until its brilliance fills the whole of space. Immerse yourself in this light, as if in an ocean of vibrating, throbbing life. Gradually you will feel as if you are swimming in it, merging with it, breathing and drinking it.

As you are doing this third exercise, try to relive the sensations you experience at the sunrise. Let yourself become absorbed in the light, until all your cares and sorrows eventually dissolve in it.

When you have learned to merge with the light, it will accompany you everywhere. This is also why you should concentrate on light, each day, several times a day, when you have a few minutes: imagine the entire universe and all the creatures in it bathed in light. And whenever you experience the kind of tiredness and discouragement that threatens to destroy your faith, your hope and your love, think of doing this work with the light; it will give meaning back to your life.

Exercises 4-8 will be described in a second series of posts…

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