Our Thoughts and Feelings, Part 2/2

‘All the thoughts and feelings that take shape in the minds of human beings, whether they are conscious of this or not, are living beings, and those who bring them into existence nourish them invisibly, every day, with their own emanations. At the moment of death, some people actually see and recognize these beings as their own children and, although they may try to flee from them, they cannot shake them off. This is why we must learn to focus on light, every single day, and renew our ties with our Maker as often as possible, for it is these ties that will deliver us from the monstrous creatures that ignorance has led us to create.’

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I am well aware that, in the present state of things, human beings are a very long way from envisaging or accepting the truth of such a statement, for they know nothing about the nature or power of their thoughts and feelings. They have become so materialized, so fossilized, that this subtle, vibrant world escapes them. They neither feel it nor believe in its existence – and yet they continually manufacture it. Human beings are ceaselessly engaged in manufacturing thoughts and feelings, good or bad, without realizing that they are bringing tiny entities into the world which, in order to survive, have to feed on those who produce them. This means that, if those entities are evil, they will drain them of all their strength and, if they are good, they will enrich them with many precious gifts.

If I were the only one to tell you such things you might be justified in refusing to believe me but, from time immemorial, Masters, Initiates and clairvoyants have taught the same thing, and this teaching constitutes a large part of Initiatic Science. If a person’s mind is so unenlightened that they deny these realities, they will remain in ignorance, but what trials, tribulations and hardship are in store for them!

Actually, it is not really a question of believing, but one of studying, observing and verifying things for oneself, and if you want to verify something, like a scientist, you must accept a certain discipline and a certain method. What do those who deny the reality of the astral world claim to know that justifies this denial? Sooner or later, when they are being besieged by their own children, their own monstrous offspring, they will understand and no longer deny anything, for these children are terrifying.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Complete Works Vol. 12, Cosmic Moral Law,
Chapter 3, Creative Activity as a Means of Evolution

Image: Flammarion engraving

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