Today’s Inventors were often Initiates, Part 3/6

The glyph of Mercury is, in itself, convincing evidence of the profound knowledge of the initiates who composed it. One of its numerous variants is the Caduceus of Hermes which is still used today as a symbol by doctors and pharmacists.

In modern science, the same symbol appears in the form of the laser.

Finding the Laser within ourselves
The simplest type of laser is a ruby crystal surrounded by a spiral flash lamp which supplies the energy required to produce the ‘laser effect.’ When the flash lamp is switched on, a narrow beam of extremely powerful red light is emitted from the half-silvered end of the crystal.

The beam of light emitted by the crystal is none other than Mercury, born of the combined action of the two principles. But the question, now, is to find the laser within ourselves; it is there that it becomes something really prodigious.

What is discovered on the physical plane must first exist on the spiritual plane
The truth is that, from earliest antiquity, initiates have found in themselves and used all those things which are being discovered today by scientists: radio, television, telephones, etc. Scientists are simply workers whose task is to apply in the physical world the laws that exist in the spiritual world.

Everything must be given material existence. This is why today’s inventors are often initiates, alchemists, magi and cabbalists from the past who have come to give material form to all those things that they have known and accomplished on the spiritual level.

If these phenomena did not already exist on the spiritual plane there would be no way of discovering them on the physical plane. ‘That which is below is like to that which is above’ and this means that all that exists above, on the psychic plane, must be given concrete expression below, on the physical plane.

Gaining control of the ‘Strength of all Strengths’, which is Love
By creating the symbol for Mercury, initiates wished to teach future generations to use their will and imagination in order to gain control of their sexual energies and obtain magic powers, for the true ‘Strength of all Strengths’ of which Hermes Trismegistus speaks, is love.

To be continued…
Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
Sèvres, December 27, 1970

Complete Works Volume 14. Love and Sexuality, Part 1
Chapter 2 Taking the bull by the horns – The Caduceus of Hermes

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