Transforming your Lower Nature

‘Food is transformed into each creature’s own nature as they consume it. Initiates pray, ‘Lord, take my life, I give it to you to be absorbed and used: let there be nothing left of me but you!’ They pray to God, not to be consumed, but to be transformed into his substance, to be one with God’s Nature. All truly spiritual people understand that their supreme desire is to be consumed by God; they offer themselves in sacrifice. We do not understand the word ‘sacrifice’, it terrifies us because it is connected in our minds with pain and death.

Once you give yourself to the celestial beings, you become richer, more beautiful, more youthful and strong: you are resuscitated! There is no need to fear, if you have the courage to offer yourself and your life to heaven, your personality will be utterly consumed, there will be not a trace left, and you will be able to say with the initiates, ‘Not I (the personality), but the Christ principle in me (the individuality) leads me and lights my way.’

Now let me ask you to be very clear in your minds about one thing: you will never succeed in transforming your lower nature, the personality. No matter how hard you try, no matter what superhuman efforts you make, you will never change it. The only thing to do, the only way to change, is to give your divine nature, the individuality or higher self, the chance to absorb the personality, to make it disappear.


The lower nature, as I have told you, is an emanation of the higher Nature. Because man was curious and wanted to have a greater knowledge of life and the universe, he left Paradise where he lived with God, and descended into matter. This descent is called involution. It was accomplished at the expense of man’s radiance, his lightness, for he was compelled to take on the density and weight of the lower bodies, the mental, astral and physical bodies.

But it is also a fact that human are predestined to return to their original country, their celestial abode, and that ascent is called evolution. When they abandon their  lower bodies and live only in their higher bodies, the causal, buddhic and atmic bodies, they  become a divinity.’

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov –
Izvor Book 213,  Man’s two Natures

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