True vocation, Part 3/7

St Peter’s Square –

The time is coming for the Church of St John to manifest itself, and when it does so, its riches and its superiority will be visible to the whole world.

When that day comes, the Church of Peter will be forced, whether it likes it or not, to transform itself and introduce many reforms. Of course, there are some elite beings in the Church of Peter too, but as for the majority… well, it does not bear thinking of! Instead of applying themselves to learning and trying to become better they have always been content to persecute those who were more advanced.

Do you imagine that over the centuries, priests and bishops took Holy Orders for the love of God; because they had a true vocation? Not a bit of it! They did so because it gave them a lucrative and highly respected position… an ideal position for the lazy! They did not have much to do after all—a few Masses and a few prayers to say, an occasional baptism, wedding or funeral—and the rest of their time was their own!

To be sure there were always some who had a genuine vocation and who felt called to dedicate themselves completely to the Lord, and the faithful flocked to such as these in their thousands because of the light that radiated from their souls and lit up their words, their eyes, their very presence. They were true temples of God.

But for most of the clergy it was simply a very convenient profession. As a matter of fact, we see the same thing today in the medical profession. In the days of the ancient initiations only those who had received the gift of healing from God could be doctors. They healed the sick simply by their presence, by speaking a few words or by the laying on of hands. But today people enter the medical profession because it is very lucrative and gives them considerable prestige and influence.

The result is that many unscrupulous people, who are interested only in making a lot of money, are steadily poisoning the whole of mankind. No matter, they still pass themselves off as doctors! It is greed, the lust for money that guides human beings. For many people the choice of a profession depends entirely on the rewards it offers in the way of money or glory. I have no desire to disparage doctors and priests or to interfere with them; I am simply telling you the truth.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, August 25, 1965

To be continued…
Complete Works Volume 26. A New Dawn, Book 2
Chapter 2, section II, The True Religion of Christ

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