Trust the philosophy of the Initiates, Part 4/4

My trust in the philosophy of the initiates is absolute. Yes, absolute, for when you examine it closely and compare it to all the other philosophies that exist, you see that it is the only one that is left standing; all the others are disqualified. You see how simple it is: take away the centre of a human being—the spirit, the soul—and all you have left is a cadaver.

The physical body decomposes when its centre is removed. So each of us has to find that living, vibrant atom at the centre of our being and make everything else converge toward it, for it alone is capable of keeping things in order.

Keeping our Centre in place
You often hear people say: ‘I lost my head.’ Yes, you lose your head; you lose control of yourself and no longer know what you are saying or doing. And when you are not in control, you inevitably do something stupid and have to undo it later.

Of course, the head is only a symbol; you could equally say, ‘I lost my heart,’ since the heart is also the centre. So whether you call it the heart or the head, what you actually lose is your divine centre, and it is when you lose this that everything goes awry and disorder gets the upper hand.

Our health is less to do with microbes or stars, it is more concerned with our spirit
When your cells learn that the head, the boss, is no longer there, they feel free to do whatever they please; you become the enemy and they are a threat to you. When your centre was in place, all the cells of your heart and lungs and arms and legs were obedient and docile and served you well; but now they threaten your very life.

You are ill in bed and they are delighted. They say, ‘Aha, that is good. Now perhaps you will understand!’ But when you reinstate the centre, the spirit, they immediately calm down and work harmoniously again. There is something that human beings are going to have to learn one day and it has nothing to do with either microbes or the stars; it is how to maintain the spirit at the centre of all their activity.

It is through our inner spirit that we achieve perfect balance
Today, my dear brothers and sisters, you have suddenly become richer, and from now on, if you trust me, you will find yourselves more and more able to overcome your difficulties by having recourse to the power slumbering within you. You always forget this power; you look for solutions outside yourselves, and then the balance is lost. If you want your scales to balance perfectly, you have to put as much weight on one side as on the other.

You have often seen children swinging up and down, on a see-saw. Even animals are trained to do the same at the circus. Everybody enjoys and applauds the performance, but they never see in it a portrait of life itself, of the balance without which no life is possible. So you must not rely exclusively on external means; you must also call on the inner spirit in order to achieve perfect balance.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, January 21, 1968

Complete Works Volume 26, A New Dawn, Society and Politics in the Light of Initiatic Science
Chapter 5, The Kingdom of God

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