Video – Paneurhythmy music in the Ancient Roman Theatre, Plovdiv

The Project “Together in the Paneurhythmy Circle – Harmony between Body, Mind and Spirit” is part of the program “Plovdiv European Capital of Culture 2019” — as was the Videlina Combined Choir performance shown in the video in yesterday’s post. Both events were conducted by Yordan Kamdzhalov.

The Project is based on the unique Bulgarian practice of Paneurhythmy created by Peter Deunov, the spiritual teacher, philosopher and composer, and introduced to France by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. It combines movement, music, singing and meditation and is being presented to a wide audience in year-round events during the European Capital of Culture program in the city of Plovdiv in 2019.

“When Love reigns, there is no confusion! When Wisdom drives, order is not disturbed! When the Truth shines, the flowers bloom and fruit ripens!”
Peter Deunov

The project aims to promote a connection with nature and between human beings as a means of achieving health, beauty and community amongst people in urban environments. Paneurhythmy is a group practice that is performed outdoors and is a means of achieving a balance between body, mind, spirit, and harmonizing communication with others and with nature.

The highlight of the Paneurhythmy events in Plovdiv is an interactive performance in the Ancient Roman Theatre led by the internationally acclaimed conductor and visionary Yordan Kamdjalov founder of the “Music Laboratory for Man”. The passion of the Laboratory is to create works that satisfy the longing of the inner space within every human being to connect and resonate with, the external acoustic space.

This beautiful video shows all three parts of the performance, chamber orchestra, choir and “Music Laboratory for Everyone – or Bulgaria Sings”, involving the whole audience in the Ancient Theatre.

The arrangements by Yordan Kamdzhalov are based on the music and text of the second Paneurhythmy movement, “The Rays of Sun”, with the theme “Liberation of the Human Being”.

Videos of Paneurhythmy (The Sacred Circle Dance), in the Rila Mountains

The Paneurhythmy Together website has details of The Paneurhythmy Project and Paneurhythmy Groups around the world. It is in Bulgarian but your browser will translate pages into English.

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