The Voice Of Silence Is The Voice Of God

” Someone who is silent shows that he is ready to listen, that is to say, ready to obey; when he speaks, on the other hand, it shows that he wants to take the initiative, to control and dominate. Silence, therefore, belongs to the docile feminine principle which conforms to the masculine principle. If we have to restore a climate of inner silence, it is because this allows the divine spirit to do his work in us. As long as we are obstreperous,defiant and anarchical, the spirit cannot guide us and we shall continue to be weak and puny, but as soon as we manage to achieve silence, we put ourselves in the hands of the spirit who guides us towards the divine world.

This receptive, ‘passive’ attitude must, on no account, be mistaken for sloth or inertia. It may seem, at first sight, to be passive, but in fact it is the highest form of activity. It is the attitude of one who, by a great deal of hard work, patience and sacrifice, has succeeded in establishing a climate of silence within himself, and thanks to that inner silence, can begin to hear the voice of his own soul. And the voice of his soul is no other than the voice of God.”

Extract from, Chapter Twelve: The Voice Of Silence Is The Voice Of God – Izvor 225

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