The way you walk

“It is very important to be aware of how you walk. You must walk with a light, elastic step, keeping your head up. It is a bad sign to walk bent, with your eyes on the ground, or to pound the ground heel first at every step. People who walk like that do not realize what violence they are inflicting on their brains, but it will not be long before they damage their nervous systems, and this will influence the way they think and everything they do, which will show signs of violence and coarseness.

When you set out for a long walk you should not carry anything in your hands. You can carry whatever you need on your back, but leave your hands free. Refrain from talking or singing; adjust your steps to the rhythm of your breathing and allow your arms to swing freely as you walk, as though they were helping you to advance. This movement of the arms combined with your rhythmic breathing will enable you to walk for a long time without tiring.

Of course it is also important to have an idea in your head. If you are walking through a forest, for instance, you might say, ‘May all those who pass through this forest be moved by love and the spirit of brotherhood. May it be beneficial to them. May they grow to be children of God and work for peace.’
Or if you are on an excursion in the mountains, think of the light that you will find up at the top, of how you will be nearer to heaven, and you will return home purified and transformed.”

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov
A New Earth – Methods, exercises, formulas, prayers



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