We incarnate in different countries

This explanation of our destiny to incarnate in different countries is absolutely true, although in reality, those who suffer do not inevitably do so because of a fault. There are very different cases. Some incarnate voluntarily among unhappy peoples to help them, to make sacrifices. They share the sufferings of this people not because they are culpable, but because they came to help their siblings out of their painful conditions.

That is why, in families as well, occasionally children are born who do not at all resemble their parents or their brothers and sisters who are dull and coarse. There are often spirits who descend voluntarily into families and nations, to help elevate them. As these spirits need to evolve further and they know they cannot do it without experiencing great suffering, they choose to incarnate in difficult conditions.

How to discern those who sacrifice themselves from those who suffer as a penalty for their faults? There is a way to distinguish them. All those who revolt against their fate, who never want to understand or accept their situation, have done, in the past, foolish things which they must now correct. But those who do not revolt, who are ready to continue and endure with even more courage and patience, they have come down to help others.

The river descends from a high mountain that is bright, clear and pure. As it descends, it gets dirty, because the people wash there, discard their garbage, and let their cattle drink… But the river says, ‘It is with great joy that I descend to the valleys to quench the thirst of people, to water their fields and their gardens. I am not afraid to be dirtied because the sun will purify me. It will warm me, I will change my form and I will rise again onto the mountain.’

The river never ceases to be purified. And, like the river, those who come to help people never complain of the hardships they endure. They do not abandon their luminous ideals. That is why, if they come to be dirty or cut to pieces, they will always be washed, reconstituted and purified anew.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Sèvres, February 7, 1942

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