What wealth can we take to the next world? Part 7/7

Instead of spending your time reading books and racing off in all directions in the hope of learning something new, if you got into the habit of devoting a few moments of your time each day to uniting yourself to the divine world, the wealth you gained in this way would be yours for ever.

You could take it with you wherever you went, even into the next world. Nothing could take it from you. All the wealth you have gained from your reading, on the other hand, all your theoretical knowledge is not really yours. You will have to leave it behind when you leave this world, and in your next incarnation you are going to have to learn it all over again.

When you leave for the next world you could be naked
To be sure, for the little while that you are on earth, this wealth will bring you the benefits that the world has to offer. Those who understand nothing about anything will pay you compliments and praise and applaud you, but when you leave for the next world, you will be naked, for you will have prepared none of the elements you need there.

You must not set your heart on gaining the good opinion of others at any price, for – I am sorry to have to say this, but it is true – even if you succeed, you will be forgotten within a few years and you will have wasted your life for the sake of a brief public acclaim.

Whereas, if you work with the light and for the light, without trying to please or be applauded by others, you will always be well received, even if you ask for nothing, because, when all your thoughts are focused on the fullness of life, others will find fulfilment in your presence.

The Creator could always produce a new creation
The wise appreciate both creatures and creation but they give first priority to the Creator, for without the Creator there would be neither creatures nor creation. Even if everything that exists disappeared, the Creator could always produce a new creation. Those who are wise concentrate on the essential core of reality.

You should ask yourselves, ‘Are human beings concerned with health, light, peace or freedom?’ No, they are not. Why, for instance, are they so keen on studying every conceivable form of sexual perversion instead of trying to find the most sublime way of loving?


Receive from heaven and give to human beings
The most important thing is to devote a few minutes every day to making contact with the heavenly powers. This is more important than anything else in life. I myself work for the good of the world and of human beings but I do not make their scale of values my universal yardstick.

Or rather, to put it differently, I should say that we have to give and to receive: we have to receive from heaven and give to human beings. This is the lesson of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph. Aleph is the symbol of the initiate who both gives and receives.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

From a lecture given at The Bonfin, September 26, 1977

Complete Works Volume 18, Jnana Yoga Vol 2
Chapter 2, Spiritual Work

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