What every politician should know

– You cannot make a violin with a bit of old timber
A human being is composed of two natures (this is a simplification, but let it stand for the time being): a lower nature, which we call the ‘personality’, and a higher nature, which we call the ‘individuality’. When people are ruled by their individuality, they are capable of doing immense good to the entire world, but when they are led by their personality, which is egocentric, greedy and cruel, they can do only harm.

When I analyse the goals that politicians set themselves, I find that they are always mediocre. Oh, of course, they are dressed up and painted in bright colours to dazzle the public, but they all really boil down to the same thing: ‘Move over and make room for me!’ They are all the same!

But little by little people are beginning to realize that you cannot make a violin with a bit of old timber; you have to find the right kind of precious wood. Yes, politicians must be prepared and instructed in initiatic schools, otherwise they will continue to lead their people to disaster.



I am working for a political goal too, not for a goal inspired by my personality, but for a policy inspired by the individuality, a policy of generosity, selflessness and light..”

Perhaps you will ask why heaven does not intervene and change the world. Well, of course, it could do so, but without the consent and goodwill of human beings it would be useless. They would not understand or appreciate it and would simply destroy everything all over again. Whereas if the will to change comes from them, if they learn wisdom from the pain and distress they have had to suffer and really want to improve things, the rest will follow automatically.

The invisible world will release new currents, new forces and energies, and we will witness a marvellous change, but it must come from human beings to begin with. They must get together and make up their mind to work in such a way as to win the intervention of cosmic forces. If they don’t insist, they won’t get anything. The sublime entities on high never decide to interfere in human affairs for their own pleasure. It is up to us to ask them…
There is no more important or more glorious work for humans than that of bringing all the powers of their mind, heart and will to bear on the realization of Golden Age on earth.

This is why it is so important that we form a powerful, living nucleus bent on the coming of the kingdom of God. In this way we can influence other minds and souls. And one day, when the children of light are all united in thought and intent on the same goal, they will tip the balance and outweigh all those who seek destruction and chaos.

The kingdom of God will come, I promise you. And the Golden Age too. Every time you pray for this sincerely, intensely and selflessly, your prayer is answered, but it is answered progressively. It is an ongoing process which expands and takes shape only gradually, for what you are asking for cannot be achieved in a day…

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov,
Izvor Book 208, The Egregor of the Dove or the Reign of Peace

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