When we incarnate we have work to do

We have come down to earth, and this means that there is work to be done here. The mission of the spirit is to descend, to put on a physical body in order to work on earth and transform it into a magnificent garden for the Lord to stroll in.

If we were supposed to reject matter, what would be the point of our being here? Why immerse ourselves in matter if not in order to sublimate it, to make it as luminous and transparent as the spirit?

When Jesus said, ‘Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven,’ he too was praying that the splendour of the spirit should descend and impregnate matter. Unfortunately, when human beings incarnate and find themselves on earth, they forget what they are here for and they go back to the world above having despoiled and defiled this world.

A new era is opening before us, an era in which human beings have a gigantic amount of work to do in order to adapt to the new currents from Heaven. Today it is the earth that is important; our task is to sublimate the earth, the physical body, matter, by bringing down the spirit into it, for only the spirit can animate and illuminate matter.

We must project the spirit on to matter so that matter becomes spiritual. With your thoughts, which belong to the realm of the spirit, penetrate the cells of your body and you will see what transformations follow.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov,
The Bonfin, July 19, 1975

Complete Works Volume 17. Jnana Yoga Volume 1 – Know Thyself
Chapter 3, Spirit and Matter

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