Will one lifetime be enough, Part 4/4

We live through our personality, and go on searching, for the peace, love, happiness, success and intelligence we long for. We always can find a few crumbs of course, precisely because of the link that exists between the two natures. But now it is time for human beings to climb back up to the heights of their being, to the summit, where they will find all they desire in great force, abundance and perfection, and then translate what they have found into behaviour.

Our love needs to reach beyond our family and our country
This change alone brings progress and perfection and change to the world. Freedom cannot exist outwardly until human beings have learned to control their inner impulses and are free of their influence; peace cannot exist in the world until humans are at peace with themselves; harmony cannot exist on earth until human beings are in harmony with themselves; all the way to the vibrations in the cells of their physical bodies… then and then only can they spread harmony around themselves.

If that be so, then it is our understanding of these two natures that could solve our problems and eventually change mankind. We would dedicate all our learning and technology to solving problems on a planetary scale, our love would then be obliged to reach further than the egocentric love of family and state, and we would perceive at last the spark of Divinity in each other!

Our higher nature allows us to feel the unity between human beings
War could not exist under those conditions, the individuality in its super-consciousness cannot but feel the unity that exists between human beings. If all humans were to feel the evil they are thinking of inflicting on others, they would not do it.

As long as we maintain and spread the philosophy of the personality, whose point of reference is the body, matter, separateness, isolation, we will keep trying to solve mankind’s problems by treating others as if they were a piece of flesh to be tossed aside, or cut up, or tortured, or killed. Yes, we may think the problem is solved that way, but only in appearance and only momentarily. Karma will continue to play its role and any change thus obtained is merely part of the infernal cycle of revenge… nothing changes, everything repeats itself indefinitely.

Will one life be enough to bring our two natures into harmony?
The Master emphasises that solutions to the problems we experience lie within ourselves, the work must be done by all human beings on themselves if ever the individuality is to gain the upper hand. If the leaders of every country adopted these ideas, it would bring about changes that would be felt throughout society on every level, for the greatest good of all and for the survival of the species.

The Master’s teaching provides a golden key to the problems experienced by human beings over the centuries. We must be under no illusion; the work is long and arduous, but the rewards are great. Will one life be enough for us to bring these two natures into harmony, enough to make visible the invisible light of the Spirit?

Complete Works Volume 11, Key to the Problems of Existence
From the foreword by Agnes Lejbowicz

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