With love we can fast 40 days, Part 6/7

Mt Sinai

Human beings do not only eat bread, but the word of God, namely pure colours, harmonious sounds, and subtle fragrances. This is how Jesus was able to feed himself during these forty days, and even throughout his life.

Of course there is physical food for the stomach, but the air, scents, sounds, light and colours are also food for the lungs, nose, ears, eyes, etc. They are more subtle foods than physical food, and you need to know that there are creatures in the world that feed solely on scents, colours, and sounds.

In fact, the entire universe is full of the most extraordinary creatures, which are known to some very advanced human beings. You will say that it is difficult to believe in entities that nourish themselves with light, colour and sound. Obviously, for humans, colours, sound and light are not very substantial nourishment, but for some beings formed of very subtle and tenuous matter, they are forces, energies and foods.

Wisdom, love and any divine thought is nourishment: it transforms us and even feeds our stomach. We should verify this. If we want to feed ourselves in this way continuously, we must preserve love, wisdom and pure thoughts within ourselves. For instance, try to go voluntarily two or three days without eating, in order to purify yourself. You will feel soothed and conduct yourself with softness and gentleness, etc…

But suppose now that you were forced to fast while you wanted to eat, what will happen? You will become hard, mean and almost ferocious. Why this difference? In the first case, it is love that was your higher nourishment, while in the second, you are angry because you badly wanted to eat; and without love, one is obliged to become cruel.

Without love, we cannot even tolerate a day of fasting. With love, we can fast forty days.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
Paris, January 28, 1939

To be continued…

Compete Works Volume 4, The Mustard Seed
Chapter 6. The Three Great Temptations

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