Women should intensify their innate feminine qualities

Neither men nor women should dominate the other. Rather, each sex should make the effort to dominate their own domain. It is normal for women to want to reclaim the freedom and the rights denied to them by men.

But they must try to achieve their goal by intensifying their own innate qualities, not by trying to imitate the behaviour or way of life of men. To do this would be to demonstrate a lack of understanding of the eternal truths, and the penalty would be great.

Polarity is the source of joy and inspiration
The equilibrium of life is based on polarization, that is, on the existence of two poles between which, because they are different in nature, there can be reciprocity. If the two poles were uniform, there could be no exchange, none of that magnificent mutuality that is the source of so much joy and inspiration.

When men and women lose all sense of the life that exists in this reciprocity between the two poles, they turn to a pharmacist or a psychiatrist for a remedy, but there is no remedy for those who do not understand. The only remedy lies in understanding. When polarity disappears, it is the death of a generation. There can be no spark, no life, if the two poles, the two electrodes, are not clearly distinct.

Women should take initiative, but not try to imitate men
In every area of creation equilibrium exists because the two complementary forces exist. The solution does not consist in levelling out the differences between men and women – for women to go to war and men to rock the cradle.

It is absolutely normal for women to want to enjoy the same freedoms as men, it is normal that they should want to show their capacity for initiative, but they can do so without imitating men, taking their place, or trying to do without them.

Women should deepen the quintessential qualities of the feminine principle
Freedom, audacity, and a spirit of initiative are qualities that women need to cultivate. True, but at the same time they must deepen and strengthen the quintessential qualities of the feminine principle.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 237, Cosmic Balance
Chapter 4, Man and Woman

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