Women are now in a position of strength

‘Men have gone too far. Instead of being models of integrity, kindness, and justice, thereby earning the esteem and admiration of women, men have abused their authority and their greater physical strength. They have taken all rights and privileges for themselves and given women nothing but duties.

How could they expect the situation to last for ever? In point of fact, a woman has a natural need to admire a man, to acknowledge his authority and his strength. But if a man is dishonourable, how can she consider him to be superior?

Women are highly capable, and have the qualities of determination, intelligence, and courage
For centuries the revolt of women has been going on inwardly, and today conditions are different. Men are weaker and have lost some important strategic positions, and women have armed themselves well and captured these positions. More and more, women are demonstrating that they are highly capable, that they have qualities of determination, intelligence, and courage.

Why should women always be second in command? If men are not careful, if they refuse to make an effort and improve their ways, women will give them a thrashing that they will not forget for thousands of years to come.

Women need to be wise in how they exercise their power
But if women also go to extremes and make the same kind of mistakes as men, they may begin by gaining some ground for a time – they may impose their opinions, have a say in every decision, and organize things in their own way – but in the end they, too, will lose all their hard-earned advantages.

The situation will be reversed once more. In the long run, men will react in their turn and take back the power they have lost. The same story will begin all over again… until when? Until both parties acquire wisdom and recognize that they are truly equal; not equal in the same spheres, but equal in the importance of their respective functions.

Their respective temperaments are evident in the creation of a child
Women, being closer to matter, are more realistic and practical; they have more common sense. Men are more at home on the level of thought and abstract ideas, and have a tendency to lose themselves in theoretical considerations that often have little to do with the realities of everyday life.

Just think of how long it takes a man to play his role in the creation of a child. It is done in a few moments, and after that he can forget all about it, forget – or perhaps never know – that he is a father. But a woman cannot do that. How could she forget, or not know, that she is bearing or has borne a child? And when the child is born, how could she fail to care for the fragile little being?

In the meantime, the father of her child may be far away. Whether you like it or not, the temperament of men and women and the way they envisage things are influenced by their respective roles in this act that is fundamental to the perpetuation of life.’

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Izvor Book 237, Cosmic Balance
Chapter 4, Man and Woman

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